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  • About Fictionkin (areas marked in red are pending articles)​

    -written in 2014

    Fictionkin are people who identify as fictional characters or species. Fictionkin can be from any sort of media material, including books, TV shows, plays, comics and movies. They may see their identity as spiritual (such as reincarnation related) or psychological. Some fictionkin even believe that they are living as this universe’s version of a character, and are still living as said character in another dimension.

    Many fictionkin rely on the Multiverse Theory (article pending), believing that fictional characters and species from stories here exist in other universes.
    However, others do take a very non-spiritual approach, and consider their identity to be purely psychology based (article pending), and believe that being who or what they are is not past life or alternate universe related.

    Fictionkin generally report a familiarity with their canon world and the characters and species within it. Landscapes may seem familiar upon being exposed to their canon, as can lighting. Often fictionkin will experience strong deja vu associated with their canon and (if they are a fictional character) their character’s life events.

    Some fictionkin even have emotional reactions when, for example, watching a movie with their character in it, especially if events were traumatic. These fictionkin may therefore have difficulty when exposed to their canon even long after the initial exposure, although most fictionkin do enjoy their canon. Fictionkin tend to feel as if they are looking in a mirror when they see their character or species, and may identify with other details, such as their character’s or species’ voice and behavior.

    Nevertheless, fictionkin may or may not act the way they acted in canon, and may or may not regret the (negative) events that took place during their time as a particular character or species. For example, many villainous character ‘kin do regret their behaviors and actions from the past, while others claim that they would do what they did again in a heartbeat. Even so, the vast majority villain fictionkin do understand the rules and limitations set in place in this realm, and do abide by them.

    Many fictionkin who are canon, but who don’t always act the way their character or species did, attribute these differences in behavior to growing up in this world, and taking on behaviors learned here that may take priority over their character or species behavior now. This is simply because these learned behaviors play a more predominant role in this life due to coping mechanisms, cultural norms, and other factors.

    While a good chunk of fictionkin identify as the same exact species or character as portrayed in their canon, there are some fictionkin who do not. These fictionkin consider themselves AU, or alternate universe fictionkin. An example of an AU fictionkin would be an evil version of a hero character, or even a small detail, such as a brunette version of a blonde character.
    Fictionkin are generally singlets. The plural system equivalent of fictionkin are fictives.


    Another aspect of fictionkin are "
    Doubles". Doubles are people who share the same kintype as another person. ie; "I am kin with hatsune miku. My friend is also a hatsune miku kin"
    There's a lot of discourse surrounding doubles, and even some fictionkin rejecting and refusing to interact with doubles. Though, this is now both considered bad manners and is thankfully rarer than it was in about 2012-2017.