Upgrade Re-Attempt

There were some issues during the upgrade last night, so we are re-attempting to upgrade the forum. There may be some downtime during this process, which is normal. You can expect us to be back up by 2 AM Central Standard Time on 4/20/2015 at the latest latest.

Once again, thank you for your patience!

New Board on the Forum: General Help & Advice

A new board, General Help & Advice, has been added to the forum to help members who are struggling to get support. This board will have a couple stickied “master posts” written by staff, for various resources for members.

If any members have any resources to contribute to these lists, just PM an administrator or a global moderator. Non-members may send in suggestions via staff@fictionkin.com, if they see a resource that may fit. Please understand that the resources added will be chosen by the staff, and your resource may or may not be selected.

Members may also make personal threads if the need arises for them for topics ranging from emotional support to simple questions about fictionkin resources. Members must be aware that generally speaking, chances are most members are not doctors or psychologists. This board is simply a discussion board, and if we think you need some outside help as well, we may ask that you refer to a professional.

Hopefully this board will help our members! Enjoy!

Information on Fictionkin and Fictives Now Added!

After months of waiting, we now have information on the main site about fictionkin and fictives. The About Fictionkin and About Fictives pages have been filled in with information on these subjects. More editing may be necessary in the future, but for now, we do have some basic explanations and descriptions available.

A new page, Glossary of Common Terms, has been added, but is still under construction at this time.

Access Pass Section

This is very late notice, but the forum now has a section for debates and more heated topics. Since these topics could spark some emotions, this section of the forum is off limits to anyone NOT in the “Full Access” group. If you are a member of the forum, you may request membership to “Full Access” by going to your profile, hovering over “Modify Profile” and and clicking “Group Membership”. “Full Access” will be listed as a group. Click “Request Membership”, and a staff member will decide if you are eligible.

Included in this section, are the following boards:

  • Heated Topics & Debates
  • Politics & Social Justice

Remember that if you act up, you will be removed from “Full Access”, and no longer able to participate in the above boards.

Enjoy the new section!

Find Us On Tapatalk!

At long last, we have integrated Tapatalk with our forum. Now members can easily browse Fictionkin Dot Com from their mobile phones and/or tablets.

To find the forum, simply go to the Tapatalk app, and type, “Fictionkin” into their search.