We’re Expanding Our Cause!

Fictionkin Dot Com started with the mission of providing a safe space for fictionkin and fictives to discuss our experiences. We have been running for over a year now, almost solely focused on fictionkin and fictives. Recently, however, we have seen an influx of soulbonders joining our community. This is understandable, given the seeming lack of active soulbonding communities on the web today. Although soulbonders, fictives, and fictionkin all have distinct experiences, and are therefore not the same thing, we can still relate to each other, because we all share a connection to fictional characters and species.

Taking all the circumstances into account, the staff had a discussion, and came to the decision to expand our site’s cause. We are now a site for not only fictionkin and fictives, but also soulbonders.

This is being posted to notify members and guests alike that there will be some changes to the site, which will take place very soon. We will be adding more in-depth information about soulbonders to the main site (very similar to the informational pages we have on fictionkin and fictives), changing our Fictives & Fictionkin section to Fictionkin, Fictives & Soulbonders on the forum, and re-adding a separate board for soulbonders on the forum. Finally, our tagline on the main site will be changed to be more inclusive to soulbonders.

We hope this makes everyone happy. Welcome to Fictionkin Dot Com, soulbonding community!


This is just to let everyone know that our host is having some server issues at the moment, and has been since approximately 5:00 AM Central, this morning. The main site (where this is being posted) appears to be in working order, but at the moment, the forum is down. We don’t yet know when the forum will be back up, but we do know that our hosting provider is working on resolving the issue.

Stay tuned, and keep checking back!

Portal Added to the Forums!

We have added portal software to our forums! This software will display a forum home page that will allow members of our community to more easily and more quickly view community activity!

This software is not intended to replace our home site. Fictionkin Dot Com’s main site (where you are reading this from) will remain as it is.

As always, if you have any difficulties with the functionality of our community, or can’t login, you are encouraged to send an email to staff@fictionkin.com

Upgrade Complete!

We have completed our upgrade, and are now running the latest software. We have also changed the themes a bit, and given the forum and main site a small makeover!

Thank you for your patience during this process, and enjoy!