ATTENTION! In order to access our forums, you must read the rules, then click “Proceed To The Forum!”. Once on the forum page, you will be prompted to register before you can see the actual boards. An administrator must approve your account. Once this happens, you will receive an email notifying to you that your account has been approved. Until then, you will be unable to login.

Fictionkin Dot Com welcomes you! Please read the following rules in order to take part in our community! We ask that you read the rules thoroughly and completely. Failure to do so may result in unintentional mistakes that could result in your account being banned. In other words, if you read the rules, you will be well-acquainted with what will be expected of you on Fictionkin Dot Com’s Forums, and less likely to slip up!

1. There should be no threatening or swearing that’s intended to be hurtful, at staff or other members. Foul language in general should be kept to a minimum. Any harassment on or off site of members will not be tolerated. If you feel you have been harassed, you may take a screenshot and submit a ticket including the image for staff or PM a staff member with the image. This extends to sites such as Tumblr, Facebook, Skype chats, and other forums. Harassment is very a serious offense, and will result in a swift ban.

2. This is a place for safe and intelligent discussion. No claiming other members are trolls without any way to back it up. Along the same lines, do not say someone is wrong in their claim without backing up your argument. If you are offending a member, and the member has expressed this, you must STOP whatever you were doing that was offensive.┬áPlease respect other people’s triggers. If the person is clearly triggered by what you said, you are responsible for backing out. If you continue, actions may be taken to ensure that no one is feeling pressured or bashed. Respect others, and respect others’ beliefs/opinions! Also, please respect others’ identities, especially in terms of gender identity. You don’t have to be for LGBT rights to be respectful! It’s common courtesy. If you need to vent about something, consider The Daily Vent thread in the Access Pass section. (If you cannot access The Daily Vent, you may not have permission to view the Access Pass section. See more here.) Please be sure to never name-names of forum members or staff if you are venting about them in The Daily Vent. If you feel the need to name-names, or feel truly threatened, feel free to contact a staff member privately, or post in the Helpdesk board.

3. Subject content must be appropriate. No graphically violent or sexual discussion without a disclaimer, such as a trigger warning. Also there should be no illegal discussion of any sort. If you must talk about drugs, you may argue for their legalization, but back it up with evidence.

Please also note that suicide threats will not be taken lightly. If we see anyone threatening suicide, we will urge them to seek help from a professional immediately. However, if help is refused, Fictionkin Dot Com, and those behind it are not responsible for the outcome, as we are an internet forum and are not a support site for psychological issues.

Regarding the Shoutbox “Chat”, whilst we encourage you to use the Shoutbox to talk with and support each other, we ask that you refrain from discussing sensitive issues such as suicide, abuse, illegal behavior etc, as these can be upsetting to some members and we cannot be held responsible for the repercussions.

Any potentially triggering posts should have an initial Trigger Warning present in the beginning of the post.

4. You must be at least 13 to join this forum. If you are found to be younger than this age, you will be banned. If you wish to return once you are old enough, you may request this via staff email. Please be aware that if the staff do allow you to return once you are old enough, there will be a period of time in which you will be under forum probation. The exact details of this forum probation may vary on a case by case basis.

5. This is a forum almost exclusively for discussion of fictionkin and/or fictives. This is NOT a roleplaying forum. If you feel the need to roleplay, please join a roleplaying forum instead. Similarly, trolling is strictly prohibited and you will be banned if suspected of being a troll.

6. There should be ONE account per person. If you are part of a plural system, however, you may create separate accounts for system members. In order to do this, please specify in a PM to an administrator, via your new account, that you are part of a system with [Insert Member]. The staff body will keep this confidential if preferred.

If you would like to change your name, you can do so through your account settings. However make sure to put your old username in your signature to avoid potential confusion.

7. Topics should be posted in the correct section. There should be no “IM-ish” posting. In other words, do not ask a member in a thread to come on their instant messenger. That sort of discussion should be kept in PMs.

8. Do not double post. Please make proper use of the “Modify” function. If you feel you must post in a topic in which you were the last poster, please allow at least five days in between the two posts to avoid “true” double posting. In threads intended for the questioning process, double posting is allowed. Double posts are also allowed in the Journal section, but please specify in your blog or journal (if you decide to make one) whether or not you would like members to comment there. Make sure that this information is as visible as possible, such as in bold at the top of your first journal entry or in the thread title.

9. Remember to use your best grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We don’t expect you to know every grammatical rule there is in the English language, but the better you type, the more easily members will be able to read and understand your posts.

10. You may NOT upload pictures to the forums in threads, though you may upload an avatar. If you wish to show us a picture, please do so by hosting the link elsewhere (such as ), and using the correct tags to display the picture on the forum. Pictures may not be too large. It is recommended that images are kept 500×500 pixels or under to ensure that threads remain easy to browse. These rules exist to keep the forum attachments folder at a reasonable size. At the moment, the site can only hold so many attachments.

11. You may embed YouTube videos in posts, however embedded YouTube videos are limited to one per post. This rule is in place to be fair to those with slower PCs that may crash if a thread is too heavy with embedded YouTube videos. We do understand that embedded videos can add up, however, and the staff will put a notice in the thread title if a thread (even with members obeying the rules) still becomes too heavy with embedded videos.

12. In order to get to know new members better, we require that they post an introduction before they post elsewhere on the forum. Members may include anything they feel is important, interesting or relevant about themselves to tell other members. Good examples of things to say are what your species or character identity is (if applicable), why you are here, and any other interesting facts about yourself. If you neglect to sufficiently introduce yourself, although there are no overt consequences, be prepared for questions. (Please remember NOT to post any personal, identifying details such as home address or phone number, as results could be dangerous.)

13. We do not allow anyone doing an otherkin, therian, fictionkin or plurality documentary from the media to be a member here. Media coverage violates member privacy and safety, and generally puts fictionkin and related communities in a negative light.Please do not leak any member activity on the forum or Skype chat. These actions could lead to drama and could put members in dangerous situations. We respect privacy here!

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