Awakening As Fictionkin After An Otherkin Awakening

Awakening As Fictionkin After Awakening As Otherkin
By AlmostAmalthea

I enjoyed reading The 13 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers. I took my time to read this fat book, because the world of Zamonia described in this book looks very close to my home world as I percive it.

Let’s look at the detailsĀ :

My Home, is composed of a large forest bordered to the east and west by mountains, with a vast desert plain in the south, and a beach and sea to the north. The forest is full of rivers, and in the mountains, there are deep caverns. In Zamonia, there is the Great Forest, with mountains to the east and the west, caves in the western mountains, a desert to the south, and the sea to the north.

In my home world, among the most important creatures, is the Shadow, an arachnid creature weaving cobwebs in the forest and fought by unicorns. Its place of residence changes from time to time and it is not native to the region. There were also the Archives, the memories of all things that are carefully preserved by various creatures dwelling in the caves. Amazingly, what is found in the Great Forest of Zamonia, is the Spiderwitch, giant arachnid creature that devours everything that crosses its path. In the caves in the western mountains, there is an academy run by Professor Nightingale, who has seven brains and extraordinary knowledge. Professor Nightingale knows by heart the encyclopedia he wrote, himself.

Among the species living in my home world are dragons, unicorns, phoenix and other creatures of the forest. Zamonia also has these creatures, but that is not necessarily a telling coincidence, as these mythological creatures are also found in Harry Potter.

As for the trip to and from my home world and my home now, lies a kingdom in the Astral. Therefore to get in or out, one must go through a universe with a greater number of dimensions – so time becomes a navigable dimension. In other words, traveling from one realm to the other, it is possible at the same time to move to any point in space and time.

In meditations performed while reading, the messages from my “guides” and other spiritual beings were, “This place is Zamonia” and “You are from Zamonia” as well as, “Zamonia is one of the multidimensional realms in the Astral ” or ” You’re from the Astral Plane of Zamonia”, and other variations. Such information does not mean much of course, but if one adds all previous coincidences, and what will follow in this text, the similarities become quite astonishing.

During my reading, different thoughts popped into my mind, coming from out of nowhere, and certainly not from the same bag as my usual thoughts throughout my reading. It’s disturbing, bizarre, confusing and overall, creepy. When it comes to hobgoblins, creatures similar to will’o’the whisp and feeding off the fear of other living beings, I thought, ‘I know them, they are a little like haunted houses. They are not dangerous, just annoying.’ When I read about SS Moloch, a gigantic ship, ‘It has long rusted away.’ The Academy Prof. Nightingale? ‘Prof. Nightingale no longer works here, now knowledge is shared between many entities to be more secure, and avoid what happened to Nightingale. The poor professor lost it in the amount of Information he received.’ The Spiderwhitch? ‘The Shadow appears in the physical world in the guise of a giant arachnoid creature.’ After finding information on the book, Ensel und Krete, which has not been translated yet, I thought, ‘We were not there when the Shadow arrived but it is not native to the Forest. The Great Forest is empty of life, but only in the places inhabited by the Shadow.’ I thought about the Sugar Desert in the book, ‘The Sugar Desert is what eventually replaced the great plains’, but I also knew that the plains were growing grass again. It is all part of the cycle. I thought about the city of Atlantis. I knew that it was a place I had visited during the first days of its existence. I knew, however, that physical creatures can not see us because we exist in a parallel plane. I knew that all I was reading occurred before or after the time I spent in Zamonia, because we are outside of time when in the Astral Plane of Zamonia.

Of course we can rationalize. Of all the stories written, I was inevitably going to find one in which a fictional universe would look more or less like my Home. One only has to look at a book on the sinking of a ship named Titan, and draw similarities with the sinking of the Titanic. We can also say that spiders are one of the most primitive fears ingrained in human beings, and many authors include giant spiders living in forests in stories. (An example of a book with a giant spider would be The Hobbit.) The geographical area is not an exception either. I am sure that many would find (cardinal orientation aside) a lot of real or fictional places matching my home world’s geography.
Long story short, it is my responsibility to decide between whether I am an original species living in the fictional world of Zamonia, or if the similarities I have mentioned are only coincidental. I prefer to keep everything simple, though, and say that, yes, I am from Zamonia.

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