We’re Expanding Our Cause!

Fictionkin Dot Com started with the mission of providing a safe space for fictionkin and fictives to discuss our experiences. We have been running for over a year now, almost solely focused on fictionkin and fictives. Recently, however, we have seen an influx of soulbonders joining our community. This is understandable, given the seeming lack […]

Forums Are Back Up!

Fictionkin Dot Com’s forums are back up, and the issue appears to be resolved. The forums may be running slowly for a bit while the servers recover. Thank you for your patience!


This is just to let everyone know that our host is having some server issues at the moment, and has been since approximately 5:00 AM Central, this morning. The main site (where this is being posted) appears to be in working order, but at the moment, the forum is down. We don’t yet know when […]

Portal Added to the Forums!

We have added portal software to our forums! This software will display a forum home page that will allow members of our community to more easily and more quickly view community activity! This software is not intended to replace our home site. Fictionkin Dot Com’s main site (where you are reading this from) will remain […]