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Essays written by fictionkin and fictives can be a valuable resource, when it comes to learning about what it means to be a fictive or fictionkin. The following are articles and essays written by staff and members of our community. Non-members’ essays and articles may also appear here, if approved. These articles are listed by fictionkin-related subject. Subjects will be added as essays regarding that subject appear.  If you would like to contribute an essay, please send an email to, and specify in the subject that you are submitting an essay. Be aware that essays will most likely be critiqued, but writers do have a say in the editing process, of course, since it is ultimately their work. The process will involve emailing the essay to the above email address, and then passing the essay back and forth until it is ready to be put up on the site.


Awakening As Fictionkin

 Awakening As Elsa (Personal Essay)

Awakening As Fictionkin After An Otherkin Awakening (Personal Essay)

Accepting A Fictionkin Identity

Accepting Being Fictionkin (Personal Essay)

Fictionkin Memories

Oz: The Way I Knew It (Personal Essay)

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