ATTENTION! Fictionkin Dot Com is hosting a vote for a universal fictionkin symbol! The poll is public, and can be found here! Information regarding how we came down to these seven symbols can be found here.

Welcome to Fictionkin Dot Com!

We are a community for fictives and fictionkin from many canons and many media sources. Our goal is to make a safe community for those who identify as fictional races or characters.

Although we cater to and focus primarily on fictionkin,  fictives, and soulbonders, we do also welcome those from related communities, such as otherkin, therians, factives, and factualkin. As always, anyone interested is welcome to participate!

Feel free to have a look around. Remember to check out our forum!

As a side note, please register on the forum if you wish to join our community. This is the main site. To access the forum, click here, and click, “Proceed to the forum!”

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